Dance Photo Shoot

Today, Thursday 15th November, On The Wire held its first official dance photo shoot with photographer Steve Tanner. The shoot happened out on location at Falmouth Fire Station with dancers Grace Sellwood, Emily Dobson and Robert Mennear.
We were lucky enough to be welcomed by the Blue Watch, with Manager Steve Williamson helping us to make the most of the morning using some of the fire stations equiptment. The dancers and Steve Tanner worked with the crew to create a series of water ‘fountains’ or water ‘curtains’ that sprayed water as high as 12 feet into the air.  The dancers walked through it, jumped through it, fell through it, tried to avoid soaking Steve and the cameras all in the name of art! We were also lucky enough to have access to some of the stations training buildings; dark and atmospheric split level rooms that usually get filled with smoke and water to simulate various real life scenarios.
We would like to say an absolutely huge thank you to Steve the Watch Manager and all of the crew in the Blue Watch. They made us feel incredibly welcome and we will defiantly be staying in touch with them for future projects. Hearing about some of the incredible work that the fire fighters do, their training regimes and first hand experiences also brings home how invaluable their work is. It’s always such a privileged experience working in unusual locations as dancers, especially with highly skilled people who take time to help make inspiring ideas a reality.
If you would like to see the final images from the shoot, a selection of them will be exhibited as part of this years On The Wire’s gallery. To see them….you’ll just have to buy a ticket!
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