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OTW 2012 Full Programme


FILM | Screening supported by Cornwall Film Festival | 7.30pm

 ‘Hailing’ (Bristol) | Director: Joseph Murrell | Producer: Reuben Gaines

‘A Game’ (London) | Director: Ieva Kuniskis | Producer: Stephen Ridout

 ‘Breathe’ (Cornwall) | Director: Brett Harvey with Emily Dobson | Producer: Brett Harvey | Dancers: Emily Dobson and Grace Sellwood

 ‘Kate Lunn’ (London) | Created and Performed by Charlotte Eatock and Johanna Levy | Shortlisted for the Jerwood Moving Image Award

 ‘Errances’ (Canada) | Director: Ky Vy Le Duc | Writers: Audrey Bergeron ans Ky Vy Le Duc | Producer: Audrey Bergeron

 ‘Sarau!’ (Spain) | Directors: Alex Font, Sara Enrich & Sau-Ching Wong | Writer: Alex Font | Producer’s: Alex Font, Sara Enrich & Sau-Ching Wong

 ‘Concurrence’ (UK) | Company: Electric Egg | Directors: Neil Baker & Steve Hatton | Producers: Neil Baker, Steven Hatton & Alison Lord

 ‘Brodas Bros’ (Spain) | Original concept: Brodas | Director: Anna Jorquera

LIVE DANCE | Platform supported by Freefall Dance | 8.15pm

The Distance You Travelled | Freefall Dance

Choreographed by Emily Dobson & Grace Sellwood, Performed by Josie Ellis, Steph King, Alexa Mason, Rosie Sellwood and Jenny Tripp, Music: Vitamin String Quartet and The Chromatics

To create the piece we worked with images, poetry and quotes based around the themes of success, ambition, happiness and accomplishment. We wanted to explore these ideas through abstract movement set to a driving soundtrack. Made with dancers from our weekly open level class.

Effete | Emily Dobson

Performed by Grace Sellwood & Kuldip Singh-Barmi, Music: Sophy Smith (Motionhouse)

Effete is a delicate piece physicalising power struggles within a relationship. The dancers explore the limits of their relationship as the female performer falls with demanding repetition, her eyes closed throughout much of the piece. The piece is in-part development, originally created during a research project funded by The Arts Council England, Dance South West and The Works.

Die Einsame Liebe | Lauren-Nicole Shuker

Performed by Emma-Jane Martin, Grace Nicol, Harley Kealty, Hannah Jelly and Katie-Dale Everett, Music: Edward Elgar, Schubert, Astor Pizzolla and Mozart

An exploration of one woman’s psyche. Emotions unfold as she falls in love with someone who does not exist.

The Living (Part 3) | Emmalena Fredikkson

Performed by Emmalena Fredikkson

Where tide and time wait for no man the process of finding a physical form – a dance – of thoughts begins with the notion of life and it’s certainty of death.  This excerpt from ‘The Living’ continues the exploration of living structures within and those that surround us.

Fragile Lines | Sophie Colthurst & Grace Sellwood

Performed by Sophie Colthurst & Grace Sellwood, Music: Noir Désir and Johnny Cash

Concerning relationships; the trust, the love, the fragility, and the destruction that connections between us can bring. The idea developed from Pablo Neruda’s an ‘Ode to Clothes’, where we drew imagery of snapping threads and bursting seams.

Passing Places | Spindrift Dance Company (SAT NIGHT ONLY)

Choreographed and performed by Sarah Farrow-Jones and Suzie West, Music: ‘Golden’ by The Land of Giants

Echoes of ourselves, Layers and layers of life, You and me, We’ve seen it all before, You and me, Are hard core souls

Revealing Eve | Charlotte Eatock

Created and performed by Charlotte Eatock, Music ‘L ‘Aguardiente’ by Camper Van Beethoven


The gallery will be open from 9.15pm – 10.30pm with drinks and live music

ARTISTS | Visual art and photography


Steve Tanner, Tod Welch, Spindrift Dance, Kevin Clifford, John Freddy Jones

Visual Art

Belinda Whiting, Melanie Young, Kay Willmot, Peter Leighton, Michael Kramer, Shelly Tregoning, Luke Austin-Heywood, Anne Clive, Yvonne Carter

LIVE MUSIC | by Molly the Moocha

“Molly the Moocha provides a vintage vibe, singing a range of laid-back jazz standards…So make like the ‘Rat-Pack’ and quaff back a brandy!”

INSTALLATION | The Living room

By Christopher Johns | Curated by Olivia Gray

VISUAL ART FILMS | by Flock Dance and NEON Dance


Trash Dolly’s Dance | Theatre ‘2008.83’  | Dance Film

Alice Nightingale | ‘Love Hate’ | Animation

Brett Harvey | ‘Leave Your Door’  | Music Video: Luke Toms

Stella Azzurra Squadroni | ‘Paper Cages’ | Promo

Stacey Weeks | ‘Erbynn Ebron Growan’ | Dance Film

Ian Bucknole | ‘New France’ | Music Video: Orbital

Brett Harvey | ‘Wet’ | Short Film

(Poetry by Anna Maria Murphy for Kneehigh Connections)

Tean Roberts | ‘Don’t Eat Bugs’ | Lomokino Stop Motion

Brett Harvey | ‘The 504 to Tintagel’ | Short Film

(Poetry by Anna Maria Murphy for Kneehigh Connections)

Ian Bucknole | ‘John Smith’ | Music Video


A collection of stills photography from dance and dance theatre companies based in Cornwall, Plymouth and Exeter.

Trash Dolly’s Dance Theatre – Photo credit Trash Dolly’s Dance theatre

Black Gecko Dance – Photo credits Tod Welch and Marek Swoboda

Exim Dance – Photo credits Kevin Clifford, Paul Parker & Claire Summers

Freefall Dance – Photo credits John Freddy Jones & Stacey Hindom

On The Wire 2011 | Programme of artists

Cscape Dance
Shift Focus
Wayne Sables Project
Freefall Dance
Spin Drift Dance Company
All a Scrawl Dance Company
Jane Castree

Steve Tanner
John Jones
Stacey Hindom

Visual art
John Trigg
Belinda Whiting
Melanie Young

Saffy Setohy
Meier Wiliams

Brett Harvey (o-region)
Mark Jenkin
Ian Bucknole


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